Integration DAO

A DAO to help grow DAOs
by Nirvana Labs



The emerging phenomena, Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) enable global coordination and collaboration between people who don’t have a basis to trust each other. These organization have shown some promise, but they have serious limitations.

One, DAOs seem to be suitable for the type of online interactions where the amount of participation by the members is related to a fractional value in their individual lives. This limits the DAO to be able to create a product or service that has the potential to actually better the lives of members or customers in a meaningful way.

And, by design DAO’s follow a democratic process involving voting by the members and share holders of the DAO. This process is inefficient, and makes the DAO unsuitable for creating meaningful products that have changed the lives of many and have taken humanity in a positive direction. Examples are Ford Motors, General Electric, Google Search, Apple Computers, Tesla Motors, SpaceX and many others.

Do we have DAOs today that have the potential of any of the above organizations? Very few. Also, very few can be called truly decentralized.

Secondly, DAOs are always created by a small group of people who either sacrifice their efforts for the greater good, or are able to take advantage of the DAO structure and the general enthusiasm in the crypto space for an unfair personal benefit. Scams are not new to this space.

The DAO space needs a product or service which would help the DAO creators scale the DAO, and build public's trust in their leadership.

The central product hypothesis is that, rather than having a DAO which is completely cut-off from an individual or groups influence, we make it so that the every decision that an individual or group takes is ’transparent by design’ to the members and investors in the DAO. This will limit fraud, and, help founding teams take faster decisions, not relying on democratic voting for something that doesn’t require democratic voting.

By participating in the integration DAO contract founders become transparent by design. And, the integration DAO helps grow their DAO while preserving trust, transparency and limiting the effects of centralization.

The Integration DAO begins by creating a genesis contract with itself and keeps each decision, big or small, from a css change, to an accounting edit, to a new hire, transparent by design. Also, the first DAO that the integration DAO will help grow will is born within in the Integration DAO, by the same founding team, this is the Long Covid DAO.

The Integration DOW at its genesis is a DAO that is helping grow another DAO, the Long Covid DAO, from scratch.

Long Covid DAO

The Long Covid DAO connects US licensed physicians across all specialities, with long covid patients all over the US over a question and answer forum and a token governed by the DAO.

The initial scope of the Long Covid DAO is the United States so it may enable the users of the DAO to integrate the benefits from the DAO to the care pathways within the framework of US healthcare system.

The DAO, however, is designed to be borderless and is global in scope and scale.